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How does it work ?

CMO is not powered itself but is activated by the EMFs when they hit it. A CMO device emits a very low power signal that is at the same level of cell communication, so the body understands it and can respond to it, but without being over-powered by it. This signal reinforces the body’s natural processes that are disrupted by EMFs so that they no longer cause disruption.

How can our cells be sensitive to extremely weak fields when the actual official science claims that if there is no thermal effect, there cannot be biological effects?

It has been today clearly established that the thermal threshold is no longer an appropriate measure: in fact, several factors allow extremely weak signals to interact with the cells: ion channels inside the cell membrane have sensors who respond to the weakest fields on earth, and our natural stochastic resonance can amplify these signals (see all studies published by Pr Martin Pall: calcium channels voltage gated).

How do I know it’s working?

The signal from a CMO has been measured which proves it emits the compensating signal. Over 10 years of peer-reviewed research by different scientists around the world has demonstrated that the compensating signal has the required characteristics to prevent biological effects caused by EMFs. This means that the relevant markers of electromagnetic field exposure are known, identified, measured during exposure, and again, along with our protection technology: the results showing an obvious efficacy can not be discussed, since they were published in the international scientific journals and controlled by peers (experts in the field): see our full scientific file on our sites : https://biohacking.comosystems.com/science/science-behind/

Why do I need to worry about EMF’s?

Most of us don’t directly feel physical impact when EMF radiation get across our organism. But for instance in January 2019, over 250 scientists from around the world submitted a petition* (revised from the initial one introduced in 2015) : the petition is asking for greater protection against EMF radiation in the environment, and commented: “Based upon peer-reviewed, published research, we have serious concerns regarding the ubiquitous and increasing exposure to EMF generated by electric and wireless devices,” they wrote. “Numerous recent scientific publications have shown that EMF affects living organisms at levels well below most international and national guidelines. Effects include increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27083321, and negative impacts on general well-being in humans.”


Why does the Industry and Authorities claim that mobile phones, Wi-Fi and Smart meters are safe?

Safety levels are based on an outdated belief that in order to cause biological affects, EMFs must have a thermal effect (i.e. have a heating effect). This belief was the basis of the SAR scale which is still used to determine safety levels. Industry-sponsored research is used to justify the ongoing expansion of the use of EMFs, whereas independent research provides much evidence of the dangers. It has been proven beyond doubt that EMFs do not need to cause a thermal effect to alter our biology however much the Industry denies it.

How long do the devices work, lifespan ?

Comosystems have done in-house testing on products for the last 15 years with no signs of deterioration of the effect. The 2-year guarantee is because they have done some official research on devices 2 years after initial use in a trial. But one must discriminate between the length of insurance coverage for the parts, and, on the other hand, the lifespan of the efficacy, that to this date has no limit.

How does CMO help?

A CMO device is stimulated by the EM radiation that hits it to generate a compensating signal which reinforces the correct biological frequencies within the cells of those within range. This reinforcement signal prevents the EM pollution from interfering and disrupting our normal biological processes. Homeostasis is the definition of a balance state of ions in an out of our cells. Homeostasis is clearly perturbed by EMF exposure: the main effect of CMO technology is to re-establish homeostasis: during homeostasis, ions cannot be too concentrated or not enough concentrated inside the cell media; you must know that an excess of calcium (or magnesium, or any mineral) can generate a cascade of biological stresses leading to possible pathologic states. It must be noted that the CMO compensating signal does not alter the functionality of the technology so we can still benefit from using it. (by opposition to some protection who pretend to “shield” EMF.)

What proof is there that CMO works?

There has been 10+ years of research performed by independent scientists that have proven that CMO devices mitigate the adverse effects. These have been carried out on a number of stress markers in people as well as different animal’s species. More than 20 biological, neurophysiological and psycho-physiological parameters (some of them double-blind versus placebo) were measured and showed an alteration during exposure to artificial EMF from mobile phones, computers or WiFi and it was also clearly demonstrated and measured that all disturbed biological parameters were back to a healthy, balance level. A videotape study on ants behavior was made in the University of Brussels (Belgium) by a famous expert in the field. Insects are a very good experimental subject because their biological systems react to the minus event in the environment. The results of the experiment leaves no discussion on the effect of a Wi-Fi router on the behavior of ants, and there is a spectacular demonstration of the compensating effect of the CMO (when ants “come back to life few minutes after CMO protection: see the video on our site : https://www.comosystems.com/en/content/78-video-fourmis

There have been no negative research papers. There have also been many testimonials from people around the world who have benefitted from CMO. Original CMO technology devices were first built 25 years ago and are still fully functional today according to in-house research.

Has CMO got official recognition?

The AFSSAPS (French Health Products Safety Agency) studied the CMO’s file to establish if the public were being led astray. After rigorous testing they authorized Comosystems in a public declaration to allow to make the following statement: « Les CMO sont un « excellent moyen (…) de nous protéger efficacement de l’incertaine mais probable nocivité des ondes électromagnétiques » Translation Google translate : “CMOs are an” excellent way (…) to effectively protect us from the uncertain but likely harmfulness of electromagnetic waves “

How does CMO technology compare with other devices that claim to protect from EMFs?

10 Reasons:

  1. Proven efficacy backed up by 20 years of research and peer review publications. You can use the published peer reviewed studies we made, accessible here: https://biohacking.comosystems.com/science/science-behind/
  2. Efficacy measured on biological parameters. Most people pretend to be able to protect from EMF: to make such a claim, they just introduce vague concepts, or unpublished pseudo-self-written articles, or they stay behind certificate from fake institutes or laboratories. The rule and our best argumenta when we are questioned about EMF biological effects, is to say: “to assess the impact of electromagnetic fields, you must measure it, at the biological level”, and to pretend to have a device able to correct these differences, you must again measure how much your technology is lowering the impact: any other claim can only be fantasy.”
  3. CMO allow naturally beneficial EMFs to help you There are several published outside studies that explain how natural and biological electromagnetic fields are necessary for the health. They contribute to the overall good control of the biological clocks, therefore, several studies point out that “shielding” somebody like in a tent made of wired curtains ( Faraday cage..) may end up being more harmful than beneficial (Shielding methods and products against man-made Electromagnetic Fields: Protection versus risk ) lDimitris J.Panagopoulosabc & george P.Chrousosb
  4. CMO compensates for the harmful effects of artificial EMFs You can find detailed explanation on our site about stochastic resonance (https://biohacking.comosystems.com/how-it-works/stochasticity/ ) , how CMO can add noise to make natural, helpful natural waves and signals to be clearer and dissociated from harmful, man-made artificial and polarized fields: one essential point is that it is the variability of signals (such as frequency changes, modulation, polarization,) that end up harming the cells: again there are scientific studies supporting this claim (Panagopoulos 2017)
  5. CMO does not interfere with the functionality of your devices, it just makes them safer (biocompatible). Most “shielding devices” shield: this means they reduce or affect either the intensity, or the quality of signals: if it does so, it obviously disturbs the functionality of cellular phones, or communicating devices. Our technology has this advantage that the action is only from the CMO to the cells: it does not interfere with outside emissions.
  6. CMO supports all your body, mind and spirit biohacks that are compromised by artificial EMF interference CMO has been designed basically to protect from EMF. But in an environment of people targeting their own performance, at the physical level or at the neurobiological level, all of our studies measure the optimization of these parameters, what makes it, not only the perfect protection, but indeed a health optimizer that will benefit all biohackers.
  7. International recognition from Doctors, Integrative Health Clinics, Scientists and Biohackers Among the world of biohackers, DAVE ASPREY is called the “father of biohacking”: with about 1 million followers, his choice to promote our technology * is a “gold reference”, and we are currently signing up with many new influencers in the biohacking world; this for the biohacking market: but, since 20 years, CMO technology is the leading technology recommended by alternative health practitioners, integrative clinics etc. * https://biohacked.com/product/biohackingbox/ or published article in his Biohacking Handbook: **https://biohacked.com/reduce-emf-oxidative-stress/
  8. Ongoing research and support from our team of highly qualified Doctors and PhD Scientists Most schools of naturopathy in Europe include in their trainings the use of CMO technology. We publish regular articles in osteopathy magazines. “Ongoing research: because we have 2 levels: the “past research as listed in our page: Science behind( https://biohacking.comosystems.com/science/science-behind/ ) and the coming research : in a few days, our director is preparing the list of topics that we are programming to research (such as EMF and diabetes, EMF and autism, EMF and mitochondria, EMF and 5G, etc..) coming soon at: https://biohacking.comosystems.com/science/science-to-come/
  9. Beneficial effects that last a lifetime We are very often questioned about how long will the CMO last : from our experience and knowledge, as well as the feedback from over 20 years of users, there is no limit. Now, officially, each time you make a claim, it should be backed up with a study, published and verified by peers. We made one experiment in a French university, where the same CMO was tested and measured biologically for its efficiency the first day, then , exactly two years later: the results showed that there was NO decrease in the effects. This is one reason why we currently guarantee our products for 2 years: not because it would last 2 years, but because this fact is backed up by scientific evidence
  10. Guarantee provided and certificate of authenticity Every product has a serial number and is tracked by our manufacturing department: to ensure that the product ordered is not a copy or any fraudulent product, clients can register online their product using a link to fill up a form: upon sending the form, they will receive the next day (once we have verified the origin of the product) a “certificate of authenticity and guarantee for 2 years).

How long will it take to notice any difference?

It is obvious that the answer has to be “case per case”: everybody have a different sensibility, sensibility that is “written in your cells” at the level of the ion channel sensors: but you must consider an important factor, called stochastic resonance: S.R. is a mechanism involved in all of your body, but also in each cell: our organism needs external stimuli, such as sounds, waves, heat etc.. Electromagnetic fields are not all bad, and when they are natural, they are necessary for your organism: this is why S.R. will “test” if new types of waves are helpful or damaging: if your cells identify an external stimuli as beneficial, it will “self-tune” on this signal, so as to progressively assimilate it with less and less resistance: this explains why the full effect of the CMO can be “sensed” within several weeks, sometimes up to 3 months. But many people, such as practitioners of geobiology, energy health practitioners, or very normal people, can sense it immediately.

How can it work with no battery or power supply?

CMO is a passive system, that is to say it will use the electromagnetic field of the environment to function. When the CMO is placed in the polluting electromagnetic field (telephone, wifi, relay antenna, etc.), by resonance effect the CMO will generate a micro-signal: this is the compensation signal. By analogy (another example of a passive system), when a neon tube is placed under a High Voltage line, the tube will resonate on the frequency of 50 Hz of the field generated by the power line, and will light up. The compensation signal generated by the CMO does not constitute additional pollution: the level of intensity (power) of the signal emitted by the CMO is of the same order of magnitude as the magnetic field emitted by the brain: 150 femtoTesla, that is to say hyper-weak. This signal is designed to compensate for the biological effects of electromagnetic waves, by allowing the body’s cells to exchange in a normal and natural way, despite the presence of artificial electromagnetic radiation: this is homeostasis. Contrary to popular belief, the CMO will not absorb or displace waves! The CMO will simply compensate for the biological effects caused by electromagnetic waves.

The standard on electromagnetic fields is based on the S.A.R., how to explain that the CMOs are effective while the S.A.R is not modified?

The SAR quantifies the short-term thermal effects caused by electromagnetic waves. The S.A.R is perfectly suited for the risk of electric shock, for the risk of burns, but does not take into account long-term biological effects. For the record, the SAR applied to the mobile phone comes from the following measurement: a volume (equivalent to a human head) is filled with a liquid (physiological saline type); a thermometer is immersed in this liquid; this volume is exposed to the mobile phone to be tested, over a period equivalent to 6 minutes. The rise in the temperature of the liquid caused by this exposure is then measured: if the temperature “rises too much” (a few tenths of a degree), then the telephone will be out of standard. Otherwise “no worries”! These calculations are detailed in the notebooks of the ICNIRP (International Commission for the Protection against Non-Ionizing Radiation, in its “Guide for the establishment of exposure limits to electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields). But even ICNIRP recognizes (page 25) that “(…) the measurement results seem to indicate the existence of a positive association between magnetic fields and risk of leukemia (…)”, and that (page 31 ): “In monkeys, the degradation of thermoregulatory behavior begins as soon as the temperature of the hypothalamic region increases by 0.2 – 0.3 ° C [Adair et al., 1984]. In general, to demonstrate the effectiveness of biological protection, only biological measures can be taken. The SAR is based on calculations, not on biological measurements. CMO validation studies are based on biological measurements.

What is in CMOs?

It has been observed (Dr J. Monro) that when a tube of water is exposed to an electromagnetic field, this tube is capable of restoring (admittedly at a very low level) an electromagnetic signal: this is the origin of the “structuring” of water. Many people know how to structure water, but this structure (therefore this “memory” of water) will be effective for 1 month, 2 months at most. In addition, this structuring will be lost if another emitter is placed next to this tube: the water will then be structured according to this new source. Inside the CMO is a small tube (in the case of cones it is a sphere), which contains not water, but a microcrystalline solution: it is the active solution. The chemical composition of this active solution does not matter, what is important is the electromagnetic signal generated by the CMO. The specificity of CMOs is certainly to be able to structure the active solution, but above all to be able to perpetuate this active solution over time, even when it is exposed to other electromagnetic fields. Internal tests have shown the sustainability of the CMO compensation signal, even after 20 years. The working principle of this active solution is close to the principle of water memory and / or homeopathy, described in the film “we have found the memory of water”, with Pr Luc Montagnier and Pr Marc Henry.

Which CMO for which application?

For mobile phones, tablets, combined cordless phones, GPS, baby phone: the MP24 EASYCALL is ideal.

For computers (desktop or laptops) and televisions: PC16

Transports, travelling, planes, trains, cars etc (outside your protected home) : the TR26 TRAVELER that is a personal multifunction protection , therefore protecting one person in a “bubble of protection”.

For the house: the best is the MF04 HARMONY for small European houses (bubble of protection of 1300 sq.feet) , or MF05 HARMONY XL, for Victorian like large American homes, (up to 2600 sq.feet) to be placed in the center of the house .

What guarantee do I have from you?

In order to provide you with the best guarantees, we offer you for all our products the “satisfied or reimbursed” guarantee over a period of 4 weeks, that is to say that we undertake to reimburse you if you return the product to us ( in good condition of course) within 4 weeks of your purchase. This has been part of the COMOSYSTEMS ‘s ethics for 15 years now. The return rate is tiny, we know that CMOs are effective. This guarantee simply allows you to be fully reassured.

Are CMOs made in France?

Yes, the manufacturing of CMOs is French. Only the manufacturer’s head office (administrative part) is based in Spain.

Why so many different protections, does it cancel the effects of each other?

No, they complement each other in a specific way, per application (see instructions).

Does the CMO have an influence on the quality in transmission or reception of my devices (telephone, Wi-Fi network, …)?

No absolutely not, the intensity of the signal emitted by the CMO is hyper-weak (approximately a million times weaker than the intensity of the signal emitted by a mobile phone). This compensation signal cannot have any influence on the electronic part of the devices. The SAR in particular will not be changed.

I change my phone (or computer); can I keep the same CMO?

Yes, CMOs are fixed with adhesive pads; send us a request by email, and we will send you new adhesive pads free of charge. IMPORTANT: In order to take off a CMO patch, we advise you to take a simple nylon thread, to slip it between the CMO and the telephone (or computer), and to shear the adhesive pads so as to detach the CMO delicately. To ensure better adhesion of the new adhesive pads, the surface of the device or of the shell must be smooth (any relief can prevent the adhesive from adhering correctly). CAUTION: Never attempt to remove a CMO patch from a device onto which it is stuck by pulling or using a knife to peel it off. You could weaken the seal of the two metal parts enclosing the active solution. The guarantee cannot be applied if the CMO is unsealed following an unsuitable withdrawal We also advise you to remove the traces of the old adhesive of your CMO (both on the phone and on the back of the CMO) with alcohol. Once the area is clean and dry, you can put the new adhesive pads on your CMO and finally stick it on your new device.

Can the CMO for mobile phones be placed onto the protective cover case ?

Yes, absolutely: the CMO is a passive system. Using the example of the neon tube placed under the power line, the tube will illuminate identically whether the tube is under the line or just next to it. On the other hand, the more it is distant, the less it will light. The same goes for the CMO, it must therefore be placed as close as possible to the polluting source: on the device itself, or on its protective case (tablet, GPS, telephone, etc.). It doesn’t matter where it’s positioned on the device.

Does the “Multi-Function” (MF04 & MF05 HARMONY + TR26 are all Multi Function) cone do it all?

The MF04 HARMONY is designed to compensate for the biological effects of electromagnetic “communication” waves (WiFi, Bluetooth, relay antennas, 4G, 5G, electrical networks among others). But this Multi-Function cone will not take into account the frequencies emitted by the “internal electronics” parts of the cellular, or of the computer: these are the reasons why you need also to equip your communication devices with MP24 EASYCALL for mobile phones, and with PC16 PCZONE, for laptops and computers.

How does it work ?

CMO is not powered itself but is activated by the EMFs when they hit it. A CMO device emits a very low power signal that is at the same level of cell communication, so the body understands it and can respond to it, but without being over-powered by it. This signal reinforces the body’s natural processes that are disrupted by EMFs so that they no longer cause disruption.

Does the MF04 also protect nearby Wi-Fi bases?

Yes, both MF04 HARMONY and MF05 HARMONY XL will generate a protection bubble over 11 meters in diameter (ie the equivalent of 100 m² on the ground) for the first one, and double for the MF05 HARMONY; the walls do not stop the CMO compensation signal. The main living areas should be inside this bubble. Where should I position the CMO MF04 if my home has one floor? The CMO MF04 by definition must be placed in the center of the house. If there is a floor, the CMO MF04 HARMONY (or MF05 HARMONY XL) should be placed on a tall piece of furniture, on a shelf or even in a cupboard, but always in the central part, so that the compensation bubble includes the living areas

When I’m on the train, a lot of people use their phones around me. Which CMO do I need?

The most suitable CMO is the TR26 TRAVELER, it will take into account the part of the waves of “data transmission” (wifi, bluetooth, 3G, 4G and 5G), your phone and also the phone of the surrending users. Only the “internal electronic” parts of your phone and your neighbor’s phone that will not be taken into account.

Can I fly with my CMOs?

Yes, walking through the security gates will not alter the active solution of the CMO. You will have your CMO in the bin before the passage through the gates, just like your keys, mobile phone or any metallic object.

Is my CMO still effective after a shock? (like falling on the ground)

Yes it remains effective, the active solution is precisely protected by the metal envelope. There is only one way the memorized information could be lost: exposure to temperature above 65°C.(about 150)Farenheit).

Does using CMO oscillators adds extra pollution to the existing electrosmog ?

No; at this power level, what is emitted by the CMO is equivalent to what is emitted by the brain, therefore very weak. But nevertheless, enough for it to be biologically active, as studies have shown. So it’s not an additional pollution.

What temperatures are supported by CMOs?

The CMO is sensitive to extreme temperatures: do not expose it to a temperature higher than 65 ° centigrade (about 149 °F), this would damage the active solution in a non-reversible way. Pay particular attention to trips to the washing machine, and to the sun in the car in summer. When exposed to negative temperatures, the CMO saline solution will freeze, thereby inactivating the CMO, but temporarily: when it returns to positive temperatures, the CMO regains all its characteristics.

Is the SP21 AIRCALL a CMO ?

No, SP21 AIRCALL is an accessory to prevent the EMF coming out of the tiny loudspeakers (strong magnets inside) in earphones to reach the brain area: we found a manufacturer who was able to reach a 99% level of insulation from any EMF. It is a very recommended device, used in the Chinese army for all pilots.


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