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Newsletter 1.*

Electromagnetic waves and our health

copyright "SNI 2019"

With the authorization of Dr Rueff and his Editor.


Who Is Dr RUEFF ?

Dr. Dominique Rueff, graduated with degree in oncology) has been a strong advocate of prevention for years and a nutritional and environmental supporter of age-related diseases. Eager to discover other therapies and measuring their effects, he is much interested in learning more about Chinese medicine, homeopathy, phytotherapy and some others. In his "letters" he shares with us his experiences, knowledge, hopes and sometimes his own doubts.

In this letter and the following ones, I will address the complex problem of the electromagnetic waves “s impact on our health and the various precautions to adopt for protecting ourselves.

This essential matter requires to list some definitions.

The following preamble seems necessary to me.

Precautionary Principle

In France, Law No. 95-101 of February 2, 1995 (known as the Barnier Law) related tostrengthening of the protection of the environment, states the hereunder principle of precaution :

"The lack of certainty, taking into account the current scientific and technical knowledge, should not delay the adoption of some effective and proportionate measures to prevent the risk of serious and irreversible environmental damages at an affordable cost. 1]

Wide debate !

You will realize that, far beyond the subject we are dealing with here, if France was respecting its own laws:

  • We would have no vaccine obligation for newborns;
  • We would be more demanding about knowing the possible side effects of some chemical drugs;
  • We would be more demanding on some anti-pollution standards, on the authorised phytosanitary products which we use for cleaning our home as well as the use of fertilizers and pesticides ...

But let’s come back to our topic and the paradox we are witnessing:

  • On one hand, the health authorities (ANSES) keep claiming, still in 2019, that there is no reason to worry;
  • On the other hand :

ü  In 2002, the World Health Organization classified the ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) magnetic fields as "possibly carcinogenic for human beings", and in May 2011, the radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (from 3 KHz to 300 GHz) as “potential carcinogens".

ü  A ministerial document dated March 2013 reminds : "acute direct exposure to any electromagnetic fields can cause thermal effects", i.e. an increase of temperature in the body tissue. " This is to avoid those effects that exposure limit values have been defined” and, furthermore "questions are pending regardingthe long-term possible health effects on the heavy users of mobile phones.

ü  "The manuals provided with smartphones concede some precautions to be taken when using their device while intentionally not alarming their clients. We are advised, among other things, to use hands-free kit (provided systematically with any new cellphone), not to give calls while walking or driving, not to call too long, and not to stand by pregnant women, etc…

I am not an expert on the subject nor do I claim to be the repository of a universal truth, but I do recommend the "safety measuresto be applied", even better applied, and, in case of doubts, some protective measures to be revealed and proposed.

Those precautions should obviously not only be limited to cellphone users but concern as well the users of computers, laptops and tablets, Wi-Fi routers, plugged power lines (Ethernet) connected to the electricity network, and the smart meters such as “Linky” wich use is still being debated amongst the population.

Electromagnetic waves

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) exist naturally everywhere in nature, coming from anywhere in the Universe, the Galaxy, the Sun, under the influence of storms, or terrestrial magnetic fields in particular. All living beings generate very low intensity EMFs.

It is the wave frequency that determines its impact on the body. The faster the wave vibrates, the more energy is transmitted. The electromagnetic field intensity decreases with the square meter of the distance. Some electromagnetic waves carry so much energy that they are able to break intra- and intermolecular bonds. These are the so-called "ionizing" rays, which, under high intensity levels will quickly cause burns and tissue damage, and in the long term, promote the occurrence of tumors.

In contrast, the allopathic medicine uses precisely this destructive effect on cells in oncology discipline. Those are, for example, the gamma rays which, while emitted by the radioactive substance, will allow to treat some diseases and tumors, as well as the X-rays when the radiography was invented and finally the most modern scanners.

Radio waves (such as TV sets, microwaves, mobile phones, Wi-Fi routers, Bluetooth, etc.) and domestic electromagnetic waves are called "non-ionizing" waves because their energy input is too weak to break the chemical bonds or heat living tissues.

The WHO [2] is formal: "The human electromagnetic fields which result, to a large extent, from the industrial activity (electricity, hyper (microwave) and radio frequencies) generate radiation which that corresponds to the region of the electromagnetic spectrum where the frequency is relatively low, that is to say : on the side of the long wave lengths and the transported quanta of energy are unable to brake chemical bond. But the WHO adds, as a conclusion: "There are still some gaps in the biological effects of those fields and further research is needed to find answers . "

However, in 2011, the WHO published a report classifying electromagnetic waves in the "2B category ", which means they are possibly carcinogens for human beings.

The conclusion does not just rely on quantified thresholds, but on the quality of the scientific evidences.

The formal evidence of an increase in brain tumors or tumors of the inner ear due to cellular phone use, is limited, according to the WHO, and very insufficient for other types of cancer.

The association between these tumors and the use of the mobile phone is therefore clear, but the cause-and-effect relationship is not firmly established.

Do not be fooled: it is this type of reasoning that justifies the immobilism of the various manufacturers of devices or systems emitting electromagnetic fields and forgetting of the "holy principle of precaution". ! And the scientific argument is perfectly well founded!

And the scientific argument is perfectly well founded!

For a true scientific demonstration, it is not enough, indeed, to note a simultaneity or an association of facts between two phenomena, but a "cause-and-effect relationship", which is always more difficult but should not prevent the application of the "precautionary principle", and even more when it comes to human health

Cumulative effects, does not that remind you of something?

Whatever the conclusions of the different strictly scientific studies are, we are entitled to question :

The cumulative effects of the many sources of electromagnetic fields (EMF) we are more and more exposed to for the last twenty years represent a totally new phenomenon in the human environment: we are now immersed in computers, tablets, smartphones, Wifi, Bluetooth, broadband over power line (CPL or BPL), etc.,

No clearly identified scientific study takes into account this real life situation: how many fields and how long are we exposed to during an ordinary day? Mystery…

Personally, I am struck by the similarity of reasoning between this problem of waves' accumulation and the pesticides 's accumulation. . How many scientific studies have concluded to the safety of certain molecules used for fertilizers or weedkillers, before we even consider the deleterious effects of an accumulation of these molecules in the body?

According to a report from INRA, "In 2009, a link was established between the duration of exposure to pesticides and the occurrence of Parkinson's disease. A study is currently in progress to evaluate the risk of cancer among farmers. Evaluation of the health impact of pesticides on humans or on the environment is not an easy task: the absorbed doses are often low and it is necessary to study them over the long term. Especially since we do not ingest a single type of pesticide! Scientists are currently trying to measure the "cocktail" effect, i.e., the combined effect of pesticides from chemically different families and with distinct toxicological effects. [3] "

Facing, since the 2000s, a near-epidemic exponential growth of neurodegenerative diseases, as well as metabolic diseases (diabetes) and autistic syndromes, this interrogation becomes legitimate.

It is striking to notice that this planetary global change in our health status also corresponds to the proliferation of EMFs of all kinds.

No conclusion at this stage can obviously be formulated, because other causes, (especially infectious parasitic or microbial), must also be taken into account.

Pr Dominique Belpomme [4], oncologist and president of ARTAC [5], considers that electrosensitivity is one of the new environmental diseases, along with the pathologies caused by asbestos, pesticides and other endocrine disruptors.

We also found, in our CHRONIMED group [6], that this syndrome exists in many patients (I will come back later on this issue) with chronic infectious diseases.

In an article entitled "Biological Effects of EMF and its Influence on Health", Dr. René Messagier, Director of Medical Research at the International Electromagnetic Biophysics Research Center – (Former Tecnolab, renamed COMOSYSTEMS) [7], writes: "For more than half a century, we have been witnessing the emergence of so-called “civilization pathologies”, whose etiology remains confused or even unknown for the most part, probably because of their multifactorial nature. "

Thus, allergic diseases (which have doubled in 15 years), disorders of neuromuscular excitability, anxiodepressive syndroms, some cancers, inflammatory and dysimmunitary, articular, digestive and thyroid diseases, degenerative pathologies such as Alzheimer's, other dementias, macular degeneration, etc…, continued to grow in the second half of the 20th century. And this happened while our environment was simultaneously subject to multiple modifications, in particular with the explosive proliferation of EMF, whether they are emitted close to any electrical, electronic and communication devices for a personal use, or emitted from distant high-voltage lines, and relay antennas for a collective use.

However, despite such new data, and apart from the increased risk of childhood leukemias generated by exposure to "extremely low frequencies (ELF), the official epidemiological studies, by their intrinsic weakness, have not yet formally determined the pathogenic role of the EMFs.


The metabolic consequences of EMF on Humans

In the article quoted above, Dr. René Messagier reviews the main conclusions of the work done by Tecnolab’s team in collaboration with various universities, published in specialized scientific journals or congresses. This work highlights the possible biological disturbances related to prolonged exposure to cell phones, computer screens, telecommunication relay stations, at one or more of the following biological parameters:

ü  Intracellular calcium concentration;

ü  Corticosterone concentration;

ü  ACTH concentration;

ü  Concentration of melatonin;

ü  Concentration of nitric oxide (NO);

ü  Immune response;

ü  Neurogenesis;

ü  Micronucleus formation;

ü  Embryonic mortality;

ü  Damage to the cornea

ü  Chronic stress syndrom;

ü  etc...


Disturbances of the calcium ion

Illustration: The calcium ion is involved in the activity of many enzymes in the body.

Therefore, any change in its intracellular level is likely to induce changes in the activity of intracellular enzymes involved in signal transduction.

(Illustration: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1873506115000574 )


If there is an intracellular accumulation of calcium, it is due to a displacement of its ionic charges, which must therefore be deficient in other parts of the body, thus inducing cellular stress. Ion displacements of calcium (Ca ++) will thus result in the displacement of other ions whose metabolism is interdependent, in particular inverse displacements of magnesium (Mg ++).

For example, in the pituitary cells of mice exposed to the electromagnetic radiation of a cell phone, the increase in intracellular Ca ++ concentration, contemporaneous with an increased secretion of ACTH (or adrenocorticotropic hormone) observed, may have modified the activity of the enzymes involved in the synthesis cascade of this hormone.

If there is an intracellular accumulation of calcium, it is due to a displacement of its ionic charges, which must therefore be deficient in other parts of the body. It can be assumed that these intra- and extra-cellular concentration changes force the body to implement "normal" rate recovery mechanisms, thereby inducing cellular stress with the risk of loss of balance during long-term exposure. term, or catching up of a new equilibrium on another possibly pathological level of functioning.

In the Central Nervous System (CNS) and the neuromuscular system, Ca ++ is known to play a very important role in neuromuscular excitability, particularly for the autonomic nervous system. These disturbances could lead to spasmophilia-like disorders with a whole procession of functional malaise and dysfunction of organs or major functions such as heart, circulation, digestion, respiration, sensitivity to pain and all stimuli.

Dear friend, you will find the following par) of this text in a coming newsletter.

Dominique Rueff


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[2] Organisation Mondiale de la Santé

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Newsletter 2 : Electromagnetic waves and our health

Guess you remember my first letter devoted to this subject that I sent to you on January 29th: I introduced (presented) to you the organs of your body on which the electromagnetic waves could have an effect. But there is still so much to say on the subject that I must devote several letters to it! Hoping it will not make you feeling too uncomfortable (get you too cold in the back) ... Today, I'd like to talk about all the currently known effects related to electromagnetic waves, and those suspected.

I will rely for( this) on the publication of Dr. René Messagier [1]. This is an information which (that = uniquement utilisé familièrement dans le langage parlé) I estimate (think is) fundamental for you to know, especially if you suspect in you or in your entourage effects related to multiple exposures.

The Biological disturbances and possible metabolic targets of electromagnetic waves

The impact on the adrenal glands and the hormones they secrete
My usual readers are well aware of the importance I attach to the dose determination of cortisol, both in saliva and in 24-hour urine. However, in the case of intense and prolonged exposure to EMF (electromagnetic fields), the essential adrenal hormone, the cortisol, can be affected.

Cortisol is the major stress response hormone. It increases in the first phase of the alarm reaction, but in case of prolonged stress, the reserves of cortisol are exhausted and it collapses gradually. This is the state in which young chickens and mice exposed to long-term mobile phone were found in the studies of the Pr. Bastide in Montpellier.

The cortisol is an "anti-fatigue" hormone essential for life, performance and even tonicity (tone). It is anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy and energizing. A deficit, even slight, can be at the origin of depressions, nervousness, hypersensitivity, anger, fear, low resistance to stress ...

Professor Pall [2] identifies generalized some endocrine effects:

  • Insulin levels often decline with prolonged exposure to EMF, possibly due to endocrine depletion;
  • The decline of insulin is involved in the genesis of diabetes;
  • For the other hormones, he insists in particular on the reduction of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels. The decline of the latter leads to a decrease in male fertility and female libido.

There is also an increase in the number of spontaneous abortions. In the middle of the last century, the number of human spermatozoa fell below 50% of the threshold considered normal in technologically advanced countries of the world. Variations in those (these) hormones in turn cause other systemic disturbances:

- At the level of the nervous and muscular systems: psychic unstability (instability), irritation (irritability), disposition (tendency) to depression, disorders of concentration and memorization, insomnia, muscular weakness, cramps, contractures;

- As for(on) the immune system: lower immune defenses against bacteria, viruses, parasites. They can initiate or aggravate allergic tendencies ; It can therefore be understood that any toxic exposure could contribute to the maintenance or aggravation of inflammatory or autoimmune diseases in genetically predisposed individuals

The EMF disrupt(s) the production of melatonin


In addition to its activity on the (rhythm) "sleep-wake" rythm, melatonin has anti-free radical properties, therefore (so) antioxidant [3], and at high doses, antiepileptic. Oncologists also consider it has (lend him) anti-tumoric virtues, particularly with regard to breast and prostate cancer [4]. It is not uncommon for them to prescribe much higher doses than those used to regulate the sleep-wake rhythm.

The decline in melatonin found in many studies could, by the disturbances of oxidative stress that it causes, promote brain aging and associated disorders (decreased cognitive functions, memory and sleep disorders) as well as (and) aging problems (in its body. together.) globally.

A significant decrease in melatonin may also lead to an increase in epileptic seizures in sick or predisposed individuals.

To identify any (secretions of) melatonin secretion disorder, it is generally advised (advisable) to dose it in the urine (sometimes saliva) at 15 hours, 18 hours, 21 hours, midnight, 3 hours. Talk to your nutritionist or your usual testing laboratory if you have doubts about your own metabolism.

The brain endangered by excess nitric oxide

The increase in exhaled nitric acid (NO) suggests a possible blood and local elevation in the organ most exposed to the mobile phone during communication: the brain.

Yet (Now), NO is a ubiquitous messenger [5], like calcium. Its properties are vasodilating and pro-radical.

A plasma or localized increase in NO may be a source of oxidative free radicals, causing cellular damage, consuming peripheral melatonin and reinforcing the effects of melatonin decline, that is, pro-tumors and accelerators of aging.

Locally, NO can be neurotoxic. It is possible that the decrease in neurogenesis in the hippocampus may be attributed to it.

In the outer ear, vasodilatation can be a source of heating and redness, and for the inner ear, vertigo or imbalances by changing blood flow in the body of balance (present in the ear internal).

In addition, it appears that prolonged exposure to the mobile phone may be the cause of some hearing problems as well as tinnitus.

When exposure to screens causes an immune depression

The immune depression observed in young chickens long time exposed to electromagnetic fields is sobering: this could lead to the development of chronic, recurrent or benign infections such as colds, or more serious infections, which can aggravate the fragility of HIV carriers or other slow-growing viruses (CMV, EBV or shingles). France 2 French TV channel produced in 1999 and 2002 a documentary on this subject [6], with the participation of Dr. Pierre Le Ruz [7].

Cognitive functions endangered

The neurogenesis of hippocampus cells is involved in short-term learning and memorization mechanisms. A cell renewal problem could therefore lead to and promote cognitive function disorders [8].

An increase in cancer risk

The multiplication of micro-nuclei observed in the immune cells (lymphocytes and macrophages) is a sign of dysfunction of the cells concerned. It can lead to their death or their anarchic development, implying an increased risk of cancer.

In addition, the aggression of cellular DNA produces breaks in the latter, as well as breaks and oxidized bases. Any (Every) change in DNA can play a role in the development of cancers.

Brain (cancer), salivary gland cancer and acoustic neuromas potentiality increase with the cell phone use. There has been an increase in the rate of cancer in populations living near cell phone antennas.

Any increase in embryonic mortality?

The study made on the exposure of chickens to screens has highlighted the very significant increase in embryo mortality in poultry. This suggests the possibility of early spontaneous abortions in women working on a screen. This question was also debated: following the famous controversial publication [9] of Professor Madeleine Bastide, Professor of Immunology at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Montpellier, which created a lot of reactions here and there (made a lot of noise) in 2011.

Damage to the cornea:

The observed corneal ulcerations can lead to keratitis or keratoconjunctivitis, especially if the healing (repair) mechanisms, which are dependent on the exchange of nervous information and ion exchange, are disrupted.

The work of Prof. Miyata [10] on the effects of electromagnetic fields on the eye and the eyesight (eye) in humans and animals, have shown that the complaints and ocular pathologies of screen users are related to the electromagnetic fields. of these devices. Tests on the animal with a screen covered with a black canvas (brightness, contrasts or stroboscopic effect not (that cannot be) taken into account) have also proven (proved) that screen filters, intended to improve a visual comfort, do not make (render) the computer screens biologically more compatible (computers) with (at) the eye or (and) eyesight (level).
Thus, ulcerations of the cornea are observed after 4 hours spent playing (of) video games on a TV (television)screen.

Worsening of symptoms of chronic stress


The symptoms highlighted in Professor Clements-Croome's clinical investigations [11] are in line with the hypotheses mentioned above. Indeed, these experiments carried out on 900 people, used the compensation oscillation technology developed by "Tecnolab-COMOSYSTEMS" (we will come back to it) in order to neutralize the biological effects of the EMF. However, this technique has revealed a decrease of 33% on average of many symptoms recorded in regular users and intensive computer screens or mobile phones, quantified through a scale of assessment of environmental stress.

There is a significant decrease in :

- eye irritation;

- inflammations of the respiratory tree and the ENT sphere;

- fatigue;

- mood and sleep disorders;

- memory problems;

- headaches ;

- joint pain ...

It seems obvious that to induce a biological effect to (in) a living organism by exposing it (its exposure) to a CEM it means forcing (is to force) this organism, or some of its cells, to compensate (for) this effect, so that the initial balance is restored (to restore its previous equilibrium). This requires (by) an adaptation effort from the body, which implies a spending (an expenditure) of energy and imposing (constitutes) a constraint (imposed) on the cells (of the body), thus a stress of electromagnetic origin.

Other studies highlight the fact that electromagnetic pollution could alter (impair) quality:

  • Permeability of the intestinal barrier
  • (The) Permeability of the blood-brain barrier, which involves (and thus promote) the intracerebral penetration of some toxic elements. Would this be the case for aluminum when injected as an additive (adjunct) in some vaccines or other heavy (or) toxic metals?

For my part, I have seen those (in) recent years more and more disorders of intestinal permeability at (in) my patients. Those (These) disorders are often correlated with many food intolerances. Is there a cause-and-effect relationship? Everything remains to be demonstrated ...


Permeability of the blood-brain barrier induced by 915 MHz electromagnetic radiation, continuous wave and modulated at 8, 16, 50, and 200 Hz.


What I saw with my own eyes

I personally remember having in my office several dramatic cases of patients having used their smartphone a lot, especially on one side of their head. They developed a brain tumor such as glioblastoma type III, a sign of poor prognosis. One of them even had a tumor the size of a small apricot.

It had been predicted 6 months of life to this patient. He’s finally been able to live 6 years thanks to surgery, radiotherapy and all the complementary care.

The other patients are still alive, but with a therapeutic healing protocol and the side effects that one can imagine.

On a purely scientific level, it is of course impossible to say that there is a cause and effect relationship. But even if these are terrible coincidences, we should, as human being :

-   accelerate studies in progress, by doing them and re- doing them appointing independent organizations;
-  use the precautionary principle, which is, namely:
  * Avoiding the use of the phone systematically with the same ear, avoiding calls in the car, as well as while walking or in places where the signal is weak, because the phone then emits at its maximum capacity (train, subway, where the connection is bad ...);     * Using ear buds and if possible, do not transmit the signal (we will come back at that point (to this) in a next letter);
* Avoiding adding to your own emissions overloaded WIFI waves;

* Prectecting yourself by turning off your box's wifi router at night.

I will discuss about all these aspects in further details in a coming letter.

Dr. Dominique Rueff


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[11] http://comosystems.com/CMO_technology_Presentation_of_the_scientific_publications.docx

More on Dr Rueff: https://www.lettre-docteur-rueff.fr/ondes-electromagnetiques-sante-2/#VdhRXUdIDSwuGYF8.99

Newsletter 3


Waves and electromagnetic fields: How to protect oneself?

By Dr. Dominique Rueff / March 18, 2019/

These computers, tablets, telephones, WI-FI, Bluetooth, PLC and 4G networks, relay antennas, which emit waves, we are well aware that this is a totally new pollution that does not have much more than 30 years of age ...

Before considering the specific protection systems, let’s keep in mind some basic precautionary measures such as:

  • Avoiding to install those devices within the reach of children under 3 years old and limiting their use until the age of 7.
  • Avoiding their use, or reducing it as much as possible in case of pregnant (women);
  • Avoidingmakingphone calls while walking or driving, as its power, in that situation, is at maximum (being in a constant research of a network as we move).
  • Switching most possible to “Plane mode” option
  • Changing regularly the position of the cellphone, from one ear to another, whenever possible. ) and keeping it minimum half a centimeter away.
  • Using the "speaker" mode whenever possible;
  • Banning the use of a cellphone by our dear little ones and let’s forbid ourselves the use of screens at bed or in the bedroom. If we charge our devices at night, let's do it in the living room instead of in the bedroom.
  • Avoiding to have a TV in a your room even when you are in sleeping mode, as well as any other connected device.
  • Turning off, wherever they are at home, all connected devices at night. Starting with the WI-FI router box. For all your Internet connections, please prefer the wired connection between your computer and the router.


Disturbances related to waves officially recognized

According to a March 2018 dated study done by ANSES (National Health Security Agency), 5% of the French people, corresponding to 3.3 million peoplesay they are victims of electromagnetic hypersensitivity or electro-hypersensitivity (EHS). The concern: radio frequencies emitted by wireless communication technologies (mobile, WI-FI, relay antennas ...) but also electromagnetic fields generated by electrical installations.

To this date, the causal link between symptoms expressed by patients and exposure to waves has not been scientifically proven. Patients' testimonials are, in fact facing the lack of validated diagnostic criteria. Nevertheless, the ANSES now recognizes the necessity of taking into account and hearing the expressed suffering of people, considering it as "a reality", as well as the World Health Organization (WHO). As a precautionary principle, it is interesting to take note that now the ANSES encourages to limit the exposure to electromagnetic waves of babies, children and pregnant women.

To find out the degree of exposure of their home, , any citizen can make a request to the National Frequency Agency (ANFR) who will come and carry out the necessary measurements and tests. This diagnosis is free of charge and can also be done in a public place.

Protection tools

There are many ways to protect yourself, especially if you are electro sensitive: anti-radiation brick, wallpapers and bed shields, insulated clothing, protective covers on cellphones and routers , protective aprons for pregnant women, it is up to you …Those items have in common have the capacity of stopping electromagnetic waves.

However, the task seems difficult in this "electrosmog" in which we are living inand scientists are very skeptical.

We should also protect ourselves from circulating currents in our homes when we install CPL router plugs to connect our computers, televisions, etc ...

Sinceboth the electricity network and the connected devices are generally not shielded, a part of the CPL energy will be transformed into radio frequency electromagnetic waves in our homes, which, added to the residual electromagnetic level, will increase the level of the ambient radiation.

More recently appeared the problem related to the installation of LINKY routers ( also called Smartmeters) in houseswhich alone is the subject of numerous studies and controversies.

Why am I personally interested in Comosystems CMO devices ?

(CMO = Magnetic Compensation Oscillators)?

There is an existing entirely different process that I have known for years, which has 25 years of experience, and about which there have been many scientific publications.

These are the CMOs. They seem to be the only protective devices available on the market with an exhaustive and solid scientific background of expertise. Their biological efficiency was proven, based on over ten years of biological and clinical experiments (in hospitals and independent university laboratories), followed by scientific publications in international journals with independent reading committees “peer reviewed”.

What phenomenon is new in our environment?

In conclusion and joining the opinions of the Nobel Prize for Medicine, Professor Luc Montagnier, I please ask you to think about this question: What is the really new phenomenon in our environment those last 20 years?

The obvious and irrevocable answer seems to be: “environmental pollution”.

Every year in the world 2000 new chemical molecules are introduced. Electromagnetic waves are fully part of this pollution.

And what are the emerging pathologies of those last 20 years?
Here is the list hereunder :
“Hormonal disorders, autism spectrum syndromes that are constantly increasing, attention and activity disorders in children, "fibromyalgia", multiple chemical sensitivity syndromes (MCS), chronic autoimmune and infectious diseases.

Though, scientifically, there is no direct relation of cause and effect established it is now important to really think about it, for us and for our children, whose growing and developing body is of course more sensitive.

In terms of electromagnetic pollution, it is unrealistic to reverse the situation by obsessively look(ing) for clean and unpolluated “white” areas that, in any case, will become increasingly rare).
The advice I wish to share is to minimize the risks of electromagnetic damages by taking benefit of the existing protective solutions on the market and to apply theprecautionary principle which I fully described previously.

Those measuresare neither “too expensive” nor complicated to set up.

Will you think about it?

Dr. Dominique Rueff


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